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Money Themed Graduation Invitations

What good is a graduation party/open house without money being involved right? Well that was the perfect theme for a graduation party that I recently designed invitations for! Xavier’s mom designed a money themed party to celebrate his graduation from high school. She was looking for something very creative that she couldn’t just sit on her computer and do at home. I’m always up for a challenge so my creative wheels started spinning and I came up with the perfect invitation……”a wad of cash” to be sent to each guest. No, not real money (but how nice would that be?) but faux bills designed like money with the invitation details on each bill. This project was SO fun and creative for me! The stack of cash was bundled together by a money wrap just like you see tellers use at the bank. I’ll thank my days as a credit union teller for that!


Fashion Themed Graduation Party | The Details

I’m so excited to feature the photographs from my sister’s fashion themed graduation party that I previously introduced in this post. We had a great time at the event and I had even more fun setting up all of the coordinating details.
I branded her event through the use of her “Jacque Couture” logo and the color palette of dark purple, light purple and silver that was see everywhere! All of the details were related to fashion/shopping/clothing in some sort of way.
To start the feature here is an AWESOME custom made card box that my mom and sister created for the event. It is the actual store front boutique for “Jacque Couture”, love it! The creative genes definitely flow through our blood line!

The guest of honor striking a pose on her purple runway!
The delicious food was prepared by my mother and a few helpers; We even had purple punch!; Custom napkins with her boutique logo were designed; Her Dooney and Bourke cake modeled after one of her own purses.
The fabulous tablescape designs featured a collection of shopping bags from her boutique; High fashion shoes accented with flowers; A sewing box filled with items to manufacture clothing; A purple satin clutch purse accented with more flowers.
The welcome table at the entrance featured a sewing dummy draped in clothing from the boutique along with a huge magazine cover for guests to autograph with their well wishes.
Guests also received mini purses filled with purple m&m candies.
There were also tables accented with her senior pictures and a collage of high school memories, accomplishments and artwork.

Fashion Themed Graduation Party | Magazine Style Invitations

This past June my youngest sister graduated from high school. Of course I took the lead role in designing her graduation party stationery & decor! We decided to go with a fashion theme since she will be studying fashion merchandising in college. Her color palette for the event was dark purple, light purple and silver. Can you tell her favorite color is purple?!
The event began with an invitation from “Jacque Couture” magazine, which is also the “store” for her actual party. The magazine style invitation was designed as a postcard with details on the front and back.

I LOVE her thank you cards! I designed them to mimic the (sometimes annoying) subscription cards found all throughout actual magazines. They also feature the store logo that was used on paper details at the party.

Next week i’ll feature photographs from her party. There are some awesome details that you don’t want to miss!

New York Skyline Invitations!

This invitation has definitely been coined the “creme-de-la-creme” of all social invitations that L|D has created.  Kim came to me with a wonderful idea for a New York theme graduation/going away party invitation for her daughter.  In the coming months her daughter will be leaving for the big apple to pursue her career in the fashion industry.  She is planning a fantastic party for her and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  For this invitation design I did gold foil printing on the front of a black linen bookfold which consists of a custom designed NY apple logo and the beginning of a very famous song.  The top of the bookfold actually has a skyline cut out of it…true NY style!  

Once the invitation is opened it reveals the main invitation wording for the party.  
I have learned so much through the creation of this invitation and I can’t wait to push my creativity even farther in future designs.  My pictures do not show the greatness of this invitation so I can’t wait to have them professionally photographed!  Next up will be the Playbill style programs i’ll be designing for the actual party…stay tuned!
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