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I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have gotten almost 100% addicted to Pinterest. In case you’ve never heard of it (seriously, you really haven’t?) then you have to go there now and check it out! It’s an amazing site where you can create inspiration boards online to share with your wedding and event design vendors and planning committee. Let’s say you’re planning an old hollywood glamour themed wedding, well you’d create a board and then start “pinning” pictures you find online and from searches done within the Pinterest website. You can keep everything in one tidy location instead of taking up memory on your computer and phone with a ton of pictures. Once sign up you will see how much it will change your life…i’m really not exaggerating!

I’d love for you to follow along and pin with us by clicking HERE to get to our page. I pin inspiring designs and personal things. Once you check out my profile you’ll have a good example of some categories that you may want to create. Here’s a clip from a “pin”spiration I featured on our Facebook page today.

Happy New Year | I’m. Ready. 2013.

Happy new year! It’s a blessing to see another year and i’m thankful for it. I think two words can nicely sum up this new year for me: I’m. Ready. (well three, but no need to be a grammar snob, wink) 2012 was a year of continued growing and figuring out this thing called life. Last year I turned 30 (which is the new 20 by the way), my son turned 2 and I celebrated 6 years of marriage to the most supportive and loving husband ever. It was also a year of bumping my head a few times and learning what worked and what didn’t. Even after 5 years of business i’m still learning and growing…it never stops! I’m ready for this to be an amazing year for me personally and business wise. I’m ready to organize some back end items more efficiently, blog more on a regular basis and show you more of me. I’m ready to finally finish decorating our new home we moved into December 2011. I’m ready to get in the gym each week to get healthier, stronger and of course to look like a fabulous mommy of a 2 year old! I’m ready to be less of a procrastinator, and just “get it done”. I’m ready to make my client’s design experience even more personal than it already is. I’m ready to launch a new line of wedding invitations (oops, I spilled the beans…more on that later). I’m ready to make some big things happen, plain and simple!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how come I chose a new year’s picture of cookies….well, I have a weakness for cookies and sweets! That definitely will be coming with me in the new year. Ha Ha!

Sweet Table Design | Yellow, Black & White Reception Candy Table

Last summer we designed an elegant candy table for a wedding reception held at Silver Garden Event Center in Southfield, MI.  Our bride, Tiffany, contracted us to design and setup a table in her wedding color palette of yellow, black and white.  The couple and their guests raved about the design and tasty candy treats!  Here are some photos provided by DSH Photography!

Save The Date Card Planning | Wedding Websites

Now that you’ve picked out your wedding date, chosen the STYLE for your save the dates, have taken your PHOTOS for them, and have planned to send them out 6-8 months before your wedding I have one last part that you don’t want to forget!  Your wedding website!  Creating a website is not only helpful for your guests but it’s also fun.  You can use your website as your opportunity to tell your engagement story (his and her version of course), list your wedding registry, provide more information on the wedding ceremony and reception details, and of course showcase those awesome engagement photos!


Here are some websites that can help you to create your wedding website.  I’m not personally endorsing these sites or getting paid to list them.

The Knot

My Wedding

Wedding Wire


Wedding Window

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