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We understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out the kind of invitation that would fit your style and also set the correct tone for your wedding or special event.  Doing a little bit of homework before you begin the custom invitation design process can make everything go even more smoothly!  After all, designing your invitations is the best part right?!  You can still rest assured that we are here with you to guide you on the design, logistics and etiquette for your invitations.


Do you already have some ideas in your head that you’d like to incorporate into your invitation design?  Take notes, draw a quick sketch or pull together visual images that can help describe the ideas that you may have.  Whether your event is black-tie formal or casual chic, your invitation must match that style.  Graphics, fonts, papers and printing styles will help to portray the appropriate style.  This initial planning stage helps you to determine your theme or symbolic elements, the color palette and your personal style that should be incorporated into the design.  Think about the details for the event, such as decor, linen, rentals, venue, requested attire, time of day, etc.


2015-01-23-00165Your guest count is not equal to the number of invitations that you will need.  A married couple would only need one invitation, so the invitation count would be one while the guest count would be two on your list.  As soon as you begin planning your event, start compiling your guest list into an Excel spreadsheet. An Excel spreadsheet allows you to organize your list according to singles, couples and families so that you can have an accurate count of guests and mailing addresses.  You can use this same address list to track your RSVP’s and organize your seating chart.  We provide a complimentary Excel template for our clients to use!  This is also required if you plan to have your guest addresses printed or penned in calligraphy directly onto the mailing envelopes.


Determine the information that needs to be provided to your guests or received from your guests.  This will determine the type of response card and insert cards that should be included in your invitation set.  While working through your invitation requirements, you should also begin to organize your wording as well.  Explore your options for the style of printing (flat, thermography, letterpress, foil etc), enhancements from die cutting and laser cutting and non-traditional materials such as invitations made from acrylic, wood or metal.


The stationery for the day of your event should flow seamlessly with the rest of your decor.  As you work with your event designer to plan centerpieces and linens consider how the use of stationery can further enhance all of the details.  You will want to consistently use the same colors, graphics and fonts to extend the tone set by your invitations and further brand your event.


You should begin selecting your stationer and ordering your invitations at least 6 months before your wedding or 4 months before your special event.  Custom designed invitations, especially with specialty printing or enhancements, take longer so start planning for them right away!


As you organize the budget for your event, think about how much you would like to invest in your invitations and complimenting stationery.  Keep your ideal stationery budget in mind during the consultation so that you only review options that are within a comfortable range for you. Our pricing
for custom invitation sets starts at a minimum order amount of $1,500 for wedding invitations and $300 for social invitations.
  Your final investment is dictated by the invitation style, materials & embellishments, type of printing, enhancements and quantity.  The reason custom invitations have a much higher price point than your average invitation catalogs is because of the high level of customization involved and design and production time spent by your designer.

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